25 Aralık 2008 Perşembe

Photoshop Lessons

Photoshop Lessons

Photoshop is a wonderful program, but it really was never designed to be easy to use by photographers. I will be posting a series of short, 3-minute, free Photoshop lessons that you can download to help you with your photography. They are designed to make Photoshop work for photographers. These lessons are appropriate to nearly any version of Photoshop (7, CS, CS2, CS3 and even Photoshop Elements).

The first two cover some basics that I believe every photographer needs to know. First, you'll find a philosophy of working with Photoshop that goes back to classic photographic ideas espoused by Ansel Adams. Then you'll find what I consider to be one of the core adjustments that every photograph needs - checking blacks and whites.

  1. Ansel Adams and Photoshop
  2. Blacks, Whites, and Levels
  3. EZ Color
  4. Warming a Scene
  5. Enhancing Colors
  6. Layer Overview
  7. Adjustment Layer Overview
  8. Layer Mask Overview
  9. Sharpen - USM
  10. Enlarge Sharpen